Steering Committee
Clockwise, from the photo's top left:
Idit Lev

Idit Lev (1970). Raised in Kiryat Bialik, married to Dror and mother of three children, Idit lives in Haifa. She serves as director of the social justice program at Rabbis for Human Rights which focuses on poverty. Idit is considered an expert on the state budget as it affects social welfare issues. She heads RHR’s social rights center in Hadera, and – together with a group of like-minded activists – seeks to change the very nature of the public discussion on poverty in Israel. Idit was an active member of the Haifa tent encampment during the social protest movement of 2011. She holds a rabbinical ordination from the Schecther Institute in Jerusalem and an MA in Cognitive Psychology from Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva. Idit is a former deputy chair of the Conservative-Masorati Movement, and is currently a board member of its Rabbinical Assembly. She is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Idit at: [email protected]

Peggy Cidor

Peggy Cidor (1951). Born in Tunis, Tunisia, Peggy made Aliyah with her family at age 11 in 1962 and grew up in Ashdod. Since her military service, 45 years ago, she lives in Jerusalem. Peggy is mother to Hanan (30), Uriel (29), and Michael (29), and grandmother to Daniella (2). She has been a radio, TV and newspaper journalist for over 40 years. Peggy covers haredi society and East Jerusalem for the Jerusalem Post. A graduate of pluralistic seminaries in Jerusalem (where she studied Talmud), Peggy is also a veteran social activist in fields such as interfaith dialogue, religious-secular understanding, feminism and social justice. She is a long time member of Women of the Wall on whose board she served until recently. She is also active in a joint Jewish-Muslim-Christian prayer group. Peggy is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Peggy at: [email protected]

Yishay Szekely

Yishay Szekely (1981), born in Tel Aviv. Married to Dana, father to Yonatan (4) and Yahli (2). Yishai, a Doctor of Internal Medicine at the Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), lives with his family in Tel Aviv. He was a co-founder of the Nordau Blvd. tent encampment during the social protest movement of 2011. He is also a co-founder and board member of Shelanoo Cooperative, which runs social businesses that create an alternative to the existing commercial ecosystem in an effort to address the cost of living, as well as values such as fairness and diversity of employment, consumer rights, transparency, equality and solidarity. Yishai is a Deputy Battalion Commander in an active reserve combat unit in the I.D.F., and a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Yishay at: [email protected]

Meir Bukai

Meir Bukai (1967), born in Holon. Married to Idit and father of Shaked (14) and Omer (11), he lives with his family in Modiin. Meir has been a marketing communications professional since 1992 and owner of his own firm since 1995. His company provides pro bono services to non-profits such as Ilan, Latet, Hut Meshulash, and Adif (a consumers club representing disabled Israelis), among others. Meir was active in Israel Civic Action Forum (2010-12) and the Ofek student organization at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the early 1990's. He is an avid bicyclist and brews beer on his free time at his own home brewery. Meir is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Meir at: [email protected]

Ron Werber

Ron Werber (1955), grew up in Beer Sheva. He is married to Effie and father of Amit (29), Oren (27) and Elad (23). He lives in Ramat Hasharon. A political & communication strategist, Ron worked in scores of presidential, parliamentary, municipal, referendum & advocacy campaigns, in Europe, Africa and Israel, including work with members of the European Parliament in Brussels. He specializes in interdisciplinary advocacy campaign planning & management, grassroots mobilization & community outreach, direct communication tactics (“Media Bypass”), crisis management and effective media & public appearance training. Earlier in his professional career he led Israel’s Labor party information, PR & advertising division – culminating in Labor's 1992 election victory headed by the late Yitzhak Rabin. Co-founder of Israel Civic Action Forum (2010-2012), Ron's long time pro-bono work in Israel include advocacy and grassroots work on environmental and social issues. Ron is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Ron at: [email protected]

Tali Mizrahi

Tali Mizrahi (1968), grew up in Beer Sheva. Mother to Yonatan (23), Yuval (20) and Yoav (15). Her partner is Nahum Silverman. She lives in Meitar near Beer Sheva. A teacher for 23 years, Tali holds an MA in education and mediation from Ben-Gurion University. At age ten she welcomed the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with flowers, along with hundreds of other children, during his historic visit to Beer Sheva accompanied the late Prime Minister Menahem Begin. She has been a peace activist ever since, and has dedicated her life to promoting peace through every possible avenue. Tali is a member of Women Wage Peace, and volunteers for a variety of social causes. She launched the "popcorn protest" of 2013 aimed promoting a law which would allow people to bring food and beverages into movie theaters. Tali is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Tali at: [email protected]

Jay Shofet

Jay Shofet (1960) was born and raised in Millerton, New York and moved to Israel in 1986. Father to Shani (26) and Nadav (22). Director of Partnerships and Development for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Previously served as Director of the Green Environment Fund. Active in the fields of environment, religious pluralism, and religious tolerance. Former board member of Green Course (MegamaYeruka); Merhav – The Movement for Israeli Urbanism; and the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism; and former Chairman of the Modi'in Reform Community Yozma. Prior to moving to Israel, served as Chairman of Telem – the Movement for Zionist Fulfillment in the US. Jay is a member of the May 14th steering committee.

You can write to Jay at: [email protected]

Tami Porat

Tami Porat (1953) was born in Neve Magen & grew up in Tel Aviv. She is Married to Gidi and mother to Maya(32) and Daria (29). Tami has worked for many years as a professional Photographer and now owns a publishing house that specializes in unique Art and Family books. She designs her books digitally and binds them by hand. Tami dreams of a better world and in her own words, joins the fight "wherever there is injustice." She is a board member of the Palmach’s Second Generation, intent on keeping the flame bright for generations to come. She was active in the Nordau Blvd. Tent Encampment during the social protest movement of 2011 and the Shelanoo cooperative, whose purpose is to establish social businesses that create an alternative to the existing commercial ecosystem in an effort to address the need and importance to us all of such values as equality and solidarity. Tami is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Tami at: [email protected]

Sam Shube

Sam Shube (1962), who grew up in Queens, New York and made aliyah in 1987, is father to Aharon (25), Gilead (21) and Shachar (1). He is Deputy Director of a consultancy firm serving both the private and nonprofit sector, and owns a private practice specializing in Hebrew-English translation and English language writing. He formerly served as CEO of the Hand in Hand Arab-Jewish School network, Partnership Development Manager at the Rashi Foundation, Deputy Director of Rabbis for Human Rights, Director of the Mevakshei Derech Reform Congregation and Manager of immigrant absorption centers. He writes blogs in Hebrew and English on politics and Jewish affairs. He is a member of the Tag Meir Forum against racism and has served as International Secretary of the Labor Party Young Guard. Prior to making aliyah he chaired TELEM – The Movement for Zionist Fulfillment in the US (founded by the late Uri Gordon). Sam is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Sam at: [email protected]

Raviv Schwartz

Raviv Schwartz (1959) was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He made aliyah in 1982 and settled on Kibbutz Harel where he lived for 4 years. Married to Tova and father of Matan (27) and Yaniv (25), Raviv lives in Ganei Yehuda. He is a lecturer at the Hebrew University's MA Program of Nonprofit Management and Leadership. He also teaches English and is a homeroom teacher for 12th graders at the Branco Weiss High School in Or Yehuda (for youth at risk). He earned his Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University and his MA from the University of Michigan. He is a member of the board of Shutaf, a nonprofit providing informal educational programming for youth and children with special needs in the Jerusalem area. In the past, he has volunteered for the Community Education Center, providing English lessons to asylum seekers in Tel Aviv. He is an avid off-road bicyclist, a craft beer enthusiast and a tireless optimist. Ravivis a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Raviv at: [email protected]

Noah Efron

Noah Efron (1959) grew up near Washington, D.C., and immigrated to Israel in 1983. He is married to Dr. Susan Warchaizer and has a daughter in the IDF, Dara, and a son in high school, Micha. He founded and chairs the Graduate Program in Science, Technology & Society at Bar-Ilan University. He has been a fellow at Harvard, MIT and the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. He has written numerous books and articles about the complicated intertwine of politics, religion and knowledge production. Efron is the host of TLV1’s The Promised Podcast, the world's most popular podcast on Israeli politics and society. He holds a Ph.D. in the History & Philosophy of Science from Tel Aviv University. Efron served on the Tel Aviv City Council from 2008-2011, and has been involved in countless political and environmental initiatives over the course of decades. He is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Noah at: [email protected]

Dubi Moran

Dubi Moran (1963) grew up in Herzliya. Married to Rachel and father of Amit (22), Hadar (20) and Omri (16), he lives with his family in Tel Aviv. Dubi is an independent consultant in the field of computers and the internet. He has managed client websites, projects, support systems and professional staffs of high tech companies in Israel, North and South America. Dubi is active in environmental, peace and human rights organizations. In 2008 he helped found the City for All movement which became the largest group in the Tel Aviv City Council. Dubi is a board member of Windows – Channels for Communication, an organization that develops educational programs dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He is a member of the May 14th Steering Committee.

You can write to Dubi at: [email protected]