Goals and Methods

Our Goals:

To put the two state solution at the center of Israel's public discourse and at the top of the agenda in the country's next national election cycle;

To apply sustained, public pressure on our government - regardless of what political party is in power- to promote the two state solution;

To guarantee broad, ongoing popular support for any Israeli government that negotiates seriously with the Palestinians on a final status agreement based on two states for two peoples. Only open, popular support of this kind – so lacking in the past – can help counterthe wave of incitement and violence that can be expected from those who seek to annex the West Bank.

How We Work

The first stage of our work plan will focus on three things:

Spreading The Word

We are all volunteers. For this reason, the initiative as a whole depends on the recruitment of an ever growing number of grassroots activists who believe in the May14 agenda and are committed to one, simple mission: spreading the word, telling friends about the initiative and getting more people to join. During the next phase we will holdorientation sessions with our expanding membership. We do not plan to conduct an expensive advertising campaign or holda single annual really in Rabin's Square. We seek to slowly build a broad base of open, popular non-partisan support so that we can wage an effective, sustained public campaign to achieve our declared goals, as stated above. This is the only way to change Israel’s public discourse: the only way to have real impact. We will present our detailed plans, timetables, tasks and methods of operation in person duringour the orientation sessions with our activists

Taking a Stand

The Basic Principles and Mission Statement, both presented on this website, form the ideological infrastructure of the initiative. We have studied the issues in depth and are ready to answer any questions put forward by supporters, opponents or those who are undecided. We will do this via our website, our Facebook page and other channels the accessibility of which depends on our ability to raise funds.We are committed to fighting the lies and disinformation of those who seek to force their annexationist fantasies on Israeli society.

Securing Necessary Resources

We have no salaried personnel; we rent no office space. We operate on an exclusively volunteer basis, with zero overhead.This includes writing and design of content, the construction and operation of online Internet and social media platforms, strategic designand implementation of our action plans, recruitment and membership involvement, and much more. Still, we must raise funds in order to cover direct costs for activities without which we cannot operate), such as paid promotion on the internet, database management, publishing informational material and organizing and execution ofspecial events.