Now is the time !

The establishment of two states for two peoples, thus ending our rule over the Palestinian people, is a precondition for a better and safer Israel.

We will no longer be held hostage, by a vocal, extremist minority as it attempts to drag Israel down the ruinous path to annexation of the West Bank.

Our mission is to guarantee that the voices of so many Israelis, who support the two-state solution, are finally heard - clearly and continuously, throughout the country.

We seek to change the public discourse in Israel and influence decision makers.

We cannot forget how the majority of Israelis, who supported Yitzhak Rabin and his peace initiative, sat by in silence while a violent minority conducted a brutal campaign of incitement against him. That will not happen again. The next time an Israeli Prime Minister negotiates with the Palestinians, he will not stand alone. Our voices will be heard, loud and clear.

We are May14, and we have a plan of action.