Our goals

  1. To change the public discourse and put the two-state solution at the top of Israel’s public agenda, making it a key issue in the next elections;

  2. To generate increased public pressure on the Israeli government, irrespective of its partisan makeup, until it takes genuine steps towards promoting the two-state solution.

  3. To guarantee broad-based, sustained public support for any government that conducts serious and genuine negotiations with the Palestinians with the goal of establishing two states for two peoples. Only pronounced public support, the kind that was tragically lacking in the past, can counter the inevitable wave of incitement and violence that is expected to emerge from the opponents of peace.

We are all volunteers. In order for us to pursue these goals effectively, we need your help now - during the preliminary organizational phase. Join us.

It’s not about Amona, it’s about us

Amona, Ofra, the Regularization Law (to retroactively legalize the construction of settlements on private Palestinian land)... these are not legal disputes over building rights and compensation. They’re all about a minority holding an entire nation hostage, promoting the annexation of the West Bank through violence and incitement. It’s a minority that wishes to establish one sovereign non-democratic Jewish state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Amona, Ofra and the Regularization Law are just one more stop on the road to the dismantling of Israel as we want it to be: the democratic state of the Jewish People, a flourishing, democratic and pluralistic society; a country that provides for the security and welfare of all its citizens; a nation with zero tolerance for racism and hatred.

Let the earth shake…

And now this extremist minority is threatening that “If the words ‘Palestinian state’ are uttered, the earth will shake.” So let the earth shake. Our response is clear: two states for two peoples. We’re sick and tired of being held hostage by an extremist minority. We’re fed up with cynical politicians on both sides of the ideological fence who find it convenient to spread hatred and destruction. We will no longer remain silent in the face of threats, incitement, intimidation and lies. Ours is a non-partisan, grassroots struggle to restore sanity and to give voice to Israel’s democratic majority - a resounding, clear and sustained voice - so together we can influence the public discourse and bring about real change. We are May14.

A majority that favors peace – and has become irrelevant

We are part of Israel’s large, democratic majority. It is a majority that has become irrelevant, paralyzed by despair, facing a chauvinistic minority that is aggressively striving to bring an end to the State of Israel as the democratic state of the Jewish People. We are at fault for the way in which this chauvinistic minority has commandeered Israel’s public agenda.

A precondition for a better, more secure Israel

We are May14. We are solely committed to building effective, sustained, clear and pronounced public support for the only viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – a conflict which constitutes the greatest single threat to Israel’s future. Ending Israel’s rule over the Palestinians and establishing two states for two peoples based on mutual recognition and agreed upon borders is a necessary condition for building a better and safer Israel.

What is to be done?

Join May14. Our simple, yet, challenging plan of action is based on three interrelated channels:

  1. Community out-reach & recruitment. We are all volunteers. For this reason, the success of the initiative depends on recruiting more and more people willing to contribute their time and effort. People like you who believe in the May14 agenda and who are willing to commit themselves to one simple mission: spreading the word to friends and recruiting more supporters. In the next stage, we will hold a meeting of the first 50 active supporters. Shortly thereafter, we’ll bring together the first 100 activists, then the first 500 and so forth. During these meetings, we will share our detailed action plans with all new recruits, with clear tangible objectives and personal assignments. This is the only way to build broad-based public support and to wage a genuine, sustained, and effective grassroots initiative. This is the only way to influence the public discourse, and bring about real change.

  2. Knowing the facts, taking a stand. The May14 Covenant and Mission Statement, both of which are presented on this website, form the ideological foundations of the entire initiative. We spent a long time studying the issues in depth. Today, in addition to our organizational capabilities, we are ready with answers to any question that might arise from supporters, opponents, and those who are undecided. This information will be made available through the dialogue on our Facebook page and on this website.

  3. Fundraising: At May14 there are no salaried staff and no offices. Everything is done on a volunteer basis. From building our website to maintaining our Facebook page, from strategic management to operational plans, from recruitment to membership involvement. Still, we must raise funds to cover direct costs that are necessary for us to operate, such as sponsoring content in the social media, database management, audiovisual and print productions and organizing special events.

Why try?

There are a million reasons why our initiative might be considered hopeless, but there is one, key reason why we must make the effort: the chance to succeed – as small as it seems today, as great as it could be tomorrow. This chance is derived from grassroots organizing – from building a movement which, gradually but inexorably, attracts a large and growing following until it reaches the point where it can wage an energetic, focused and effective public campaign. How great this chance is depends on each and every one of us. Your attention, curiosity and willingness to discuss and exchange ideas – are very important to us.

This is the legacy of our Declaration of Independence. This is our Zionism in a nutshell: “The State of Israel will be based on freedom, justice and peace... will ensure complete equality of social and political rights... “. We are May14.

Join us.

We are May 14th